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Amundsen Gaiters

Amundsen Gaiters

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These gaiters are ideal for ski touring and expeditions small or big. They were first made for Amundsen's Antarctic Expedition in 2011, and received their name as they made life easier for us throughout the whole expedition from Argentina, around Cape Horn, down to Antarctica and in the end during the first ascent of Amundsen Peak.

Waterproof throughout and with heavy duty protection on the insides, these gaiters can take a lot of beating.

Select boot cut gaiters for bigger ski touring boots and alpine boots
Select slim fit gaiters for hiking boots, cross country boots and slim ski touring boots.

Integration system with knickerbockers
› Waterproof
› Water tight zippers
› All seams are carefully sealed
› 2-way front zipper for easy access to boot buckles
› Heavy duty reinforcements on inside bottom
› One-time setting of top elastic band

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