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Chopper Mill Mittens

Chopper Mill Mittens

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Each Chopper Mitten is pre-curved for exceptional dexterity, lined with 3M Thinsulate™ for incredible warmth and is constructed with a Hipora waterproof & windproof breathable insert to keep hands dry, no matter the weather.

Each pair includes our one-of-a-kind re/PAIR® plan. Lose a single mitten, you receive one including shipping for FREE! Lose another, just buy one at any time.

Designed and tested in Minnesota, it’s the best hand-me-down, hands down. Materials include: Goat Leather, 3M Thinsulate™ interior, Hipora waterproof insert & performance material. 

Chopper Mill® backpack clip Included to hang dry those choppers after recess so they are ready to use when they return home!

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