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DIY Compass Kit

DIY Compass Kit

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Use your wide-mouth water bottle cap, a little water and our DIY Compass Kit to make a legit "last ditch" compass in a survival situation. 

Actual magnetic needles used in compasses freely rotate and always settle in the north-south direction.

So, when adventuring outdoors, if you’re ever lost, just whip out your magnet, place your needle on top the cork, fill with your bottle cap with water to allow the cork to float freely and line up the water-proof sticker compass to know which direction you’re headed!

  • Waterproof compass sticker
  • Blunt-end needle
  • Cork float with 3M adhesive backing
  • Magnet to magnetize your needle
  • Directional stick
  • Rubber band
  • Detailed instructions
  • Water bottle top NOT INCLUDED. 
  • Sticker fits most "nalgene-style" water bottles with a 2.0" or bigger circle on the inside of the water bottle cap. 
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